UPDATE on Gaza Workers: 900 arrested by Occupation forces in West Bank

Detained Gaza workers in Al-Khalil. Credit: Palestinian media

We have heard that 900 of the Gazans working in Israel have been arrested over the past two days. Amongst those detained are 30 of the 45 men we saw in Hebron. They were arrested by the Occupation forces on the night of October 16 – 17.

Some Gazan workers had been welcomed in a Ramallah hostel two nights before. The hostel was raided by the P. A. , but the men had already left and they escaped detention.

70 workers have arrived in Farr’ea, the refugee camp near Tubas. These people also tell of roadside shootings and slaughtered families.
In Tubas itself there are currently around 130 men. Destitute, they cannot move around because of the increased number of checkpoints in the area. An independent trade union movement is providing for their basic needs, but more help is urgently needed, especially since many more are expected to arrive over the coming days.
Local activists hope to get them to nearby farms where they can find work. These men’s only wish is to return to their families in Gaza. Tragically, this might not be possible in a near future.