Land injustice in the Jordan Valley and a call for action

Ahmed’s land.

21 October, 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Jordan Valley

The ISM visited the land of Ahmed, a resident of the Jordan Valley. Ahmed’s land falls in both Area A (under the Palestinian Authority control) and Area C (under civil and military Israeli occupation). He has a house and palm plantations on the “A side”, while on the “C side” he had built an irrigation system and started to plant bananas. The Israeli army destroyed everything there, as Palestinians face huge challenges to build and farm in area C.

A bit further away from Ahmed’s land there is a green patch: it is a mango plantation (photo) belonging to illegal Israeli settlers who stole Palestinian land under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces. The Israeli settlers are digging a trench (photo): they broke all the water pipes and water is now wasted filling the trench. It almost looks like they are trying to demarcate and separate Area A and C.

Palm plantations in the area A side of Ahmed’s land.

As settlers’ attacks increase in the area, farmers have put out an urgent call to international and local institutions and institutions of the Palestinian National Authority:


“We are farmers of the Jannat El Balqa region, in the area between Nuweimah and Al-Auja/North Jericho.

In these critical moments, we are exposed to attacks by settlers under the protection of the occupation army and their bulldozers, digging tunnels and trenches, sabotaging and destroying water lines, fences and roads on the Islamic Endowments land leased to us, which is accompanied by the occupation’s aggression against our people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Therefore, we invite you on Sunday, October 22, 11 am to be with us in that area and the land of the Awsaj village.

Your participation protects us, our land, and our farms.

Published by: Balqa Paradise Committee and Ikhelia Jordan Valley Association.

For further information, you can call the coordinator on this number: 0599845312.

Thank you.”

Green mango plantation from illegal Israeli settlers.


The trench dug by Israeli settlers.