For Immediate Release: Over a 1000 Israelis Call to Stop the Genocide in Gaza

On Tuesday, October 17, over 1100 Israelis joined an open letter to the international community organized by “Israelis against Apartheid,” asking other countries and the UN “to intervene immediately to stop the indiscriminate bombing of 2.3 million people living in the Gaza strip”, “to prevent the imminent and disastrous ground military invasion into Gaza,” and “to agree to a prisoner and hostage exchange immediately”.

The group was first formed in 2021 with another 1500-strong petition, calling upon the international community to intervene against the 2021 Israeli attack on Gaza. Last week, on October 12, members of the group shared a similar urgent call for intervention with 400 foreign embassies and diplomats in Israel and with the UN. One of the group’s organizers stressed that “as we watch now hundreds killed in an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital, we implore the international community to stop its cooperation and support for any further killing and displacement of civilians”.

The group’s spokesperson further said that “the Israeli government is using the tremendous loss of Israeli civilian lives to implement a genocidal campaign on the men, women and children of Gaza, ignoring calls of Israelis, including those who just lost their loved ones, to stop.”

“We mourn the indescribable loss of life, and call for massive pressure upon the Israeli government to agree to a prisoner and hostage exchange immediately, and for a safe humanitarian corridor to be created for medical teams and supplies, electricity and fuel. Please help us stop this catastrophe, which is costing the lives of thousands and destroying the vision of a just and safe future for the region.”

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