Colonial repression accelerates in Jordan Valley


Military checkpoint in the Jordan Valley.

17 October, 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Jordan Valley

Tuesday 17 Oct, an update from the Jordan Valley:
Since Israel waged war on Gaza, on October 7, the situation in the Jordan Valley has deteriorated dramatically.
Military checkpoints are often completely closed, and movements in and out of the Jordan Valley are severely limited. West Bank citizens who are not residents of the Jordan Valley are identified and can be forbidden to enter certain areas or villages in the Jordan Valley. While residents of the Jordan Valley are hindered from moving.
There is also limited gasoline or diesel available and any solidarity activity is prohibited. There was an activity in Khirbet Atuf in the northern Jordan Valley, which was responded to by the occupation army forces with live fire, resulting in the martyrdom of the young man Muhammad Ahmad Bsharat, and more than 20 injuries.
Residents of the Jordan Valley and Bedouin communities are also prohibited from moving after 5 p.m.
There are more than 10 communities and villages that cannot obtain water due to closures and the water deprivation policy.
Israeli settlers also took advantage of the support from Minister Ben Gvir and the state of emergency and began to displace Palestinian citizens.

Queues at military checkpoint, Jordan Valley. Credit to Jordan Valley activists.

Several families in Bedouin communities were displaced, threatened by armed settlers. The settlers attacked, intimidated and destroyed the private property of residents in the Jordan Valley and confiscated some lands.

The situation is difficult, and the communities realize that they need to struggle for survival during this ongoing war against the Bedouins and pastoral communities, also being waged taking advantage of the state of emergency and the continuous crimes against children and civilians in Gaza.