Actions / Events

Association Belgo-Palestinienne
As always, keep an eye on the agenda page of ABP for events and actions in the Brussels and wider area.

Cafe Palestine
Cafe Palestine meets on the first Thursday of every month at Le Space and is a place to learn about and share experiences of Palestine. Check the Facebook page regularly to see what events are planned.


Willful Killing
A short video, published in February 2016, that shows examples of Israel's ongoing policy of executing Palestinians and how Israeli politicians instruct and encourage Israeli forces to shoot to kill any Palestinian suspect.


ISM runs only on donations from private citizens. If you like the work we do, please consider making a financial donation.

Latest news from ISM


Call for donations
Funding is urgently needed for a Palestinian ISM speaking tour of the US and for new media equipment and cameras. Read more details here.

Stop Law Train !
The campaign to demand that Belgian institutions withdraw their collaboration with the Israeli police for research on interrogation techniques, funded by the EU through Horizon 2020. Stop Law Train

Dismantle the Ghetto
The National Campaign to Lift the Closure of Hebron “Dismantle the Ghetto”

The youngest Palestinian political prisoner
Please help support Shadi Farah, a 12-year-old Palestinian Political Prisoner facing trial and imprisonment for attempted manslaughter on next to no evidence. Full details here

Criminalisation of the BDS movement, petition
Please sign the ECCP petition. European call: Stop the criminalisation of the BDS movement for justice in Palestine!

An appeal to raise legal funds
25-year old Social Work student Josefin Herbach from Germany and 23-year old Palestinian Abd Elrahman met doing human rights work in occupied Hebron. They were married on the 11th of November 2016, however her spouse visa is currently being denied by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. They need to raise funds to challenge this unjust ruling. Find full details here and here.

Free Mohammed Faisal Abu Sakha!
Free circus artist Mohammed Faisal Abu Sakha! Please watch the video and sign the petition.

Hebron Closed Military Zone
ACT NOW ! Put an end to the ‘Closed Military Zone’ in Hebron

Free Mahmoud Abujoad!
Full details.

Hamze Marwan Abdomousa is asking for your support!
Full details.